Films participating in the competition program of the Eleventh International 3D Stereo Film Festival by sections:

Stereo documentaries:

Stereo documentaries:

“To be or not to be…», director: Alexander Melkumov, Russia

“Voxel of the World”, director: Vitaly Pavlov, Russia

“Two Diaries», director: Dmitry Novikov, Russia

“House of the Photographer», director: Dmitry Novikov, Russia

“Wings for an Angel”, director: Vitaly Pavlov, Russia

“Stereo World of engineer Shukhov», director: Dmitry Novikov, Russia

“Subtropics of Northern Palmyra», director: Vitaly Pavlov, Russia

“Such different samovars», director: Sergey Likhomanov, Russia

«Codex Entropia», director: Richard Pell, USA

Game stereos:

“Jeanne», director: Fabian Ramblier, France

“The Curse of the Curse», directors: Mikhail Ashumov, Kirill Ashumov, Russia

“Wedding Hell», director: Reza Katibi, Iran

“Chanchagorri», director: Nolvenn Gizue, France

Stereo music films:

“The Charm of Autumn», director: Sergey Likhomanov, Russia

Educational stereofilms:

“Cutting juniper by nivaki”, director: Sergey Likhomanov, Russia

Experimental stereo films:

«3D Effects», director: Andrey Anokhin, Russia

“Animation of still stereo images», director: Sergey Likhomanov, Russia

“Free Ghosts», director: Christian Alexander Jammer, Germany

“You can cancel everything at any time”, Director: Geoff Harmer, UK

«Summer», director: Francisco Sanmartan, Spain

«Oculus opens», director: Peter Rose, USA

“Kinorama: Beyond Reality», director: Edgar Pera, Portugal